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The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) awarded Maritime Program Group the Association’s Best Practice Designation at their recent Mid-Year Meeting in Arlington, VA.

“Target Markets is celebrating its 15th year focusing on the Program Specialist,” stated Heidi Strommen, President of the TMPAA and President of ProHost USA.  “Promoting best practices in programs is a critical influence the Association brings to this industry segment.  Our Best Practice Designation provides us the opportunity to showcase Association members who exceed industry standards and have demonstrated their superior expertise in program administration.  We are pleased to award Maritime Program Group this designation.”

“We are very proud to be recognized by the TMPAA with the Best Practices Designation,” indicated Christopher Pesce, President of Maritime Program Group.  “It’s a great validation of the hard work, diligence and quality that we strive to maintain as a high performing program administrator.  No matter how operationally proficient an agency is, every program administrator could benefit from this thorough review and find areas of improvement.  Overall, it was a great experience and we’re proud to be in an elite peer group of program administrators.”

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Heidi Strommen, TMPAA President with Lenny Bellet, accepting the award for Maritime Program Group.


The Target Markets Program Administrator Association (TMPAA) awarded two of its members the Certified Programs Leader (CPL) Designation during their 2016 Mid-Year Meeting in Arlington, VA.

Recipients of the CPL Designation completed and passed required Target University courses, and met program and industry experience expectations set out by the Association. “The mission of Target University and the CPL Designation is also the overarching goal of the Association, which is to promote best practices in program administration,” stated Heidi Strommen, TMPAA President.  “The CPL Designation recognizes the specialized skill sets of program administrators. The fact that we now have almost 100 members with the designation speaks to its value.”

CPL Designation recipients included Renée McFadden, Distinguished Programs and Robin Pisecki, Willis Programs.  

“My involvement with the University and the CPL Designation continues to be a great honor,” indicated Greg Thompson, TMPAA Past President and University Dean. “All of our CPL recipients demonstrate their mastery with the crucial aspects of successful program administration covered in the required coursework and have a solid resume of work in programs. I am proud to be associated with them all.”


CPL Renee

Heidi Strommen, TMPAA President presents Renée McFadden with her CPL certificate at the Mid-Year Meeting. Recipient Robin Pisecki was not present.

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