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Coastal Insurance Underwriters and Fulcrum Insurance Programs were awarded Best Practice Designations by Jeremy Hitzig, TMPAA President, at the 12th Annual Summit. Click here to learn more about this Designation.

Coastal Insurance Underwriters

L to R: Faye Leto, Vice President; Chuck Bushong, Presidendt/CEO; Jeremy Hitzig, TMPAA President

CIU BestPractice

Fulcrum Insurance Programs

L to R: Dusty Rowland, President/CEO; Eric Arthur, Executive Vice President; Jeremy Hitzig, TMPAA President

Fulcrum BestPractice


The Association awarded nine of its members the first Certified Programs Leader (CPL) Designation during the12th Annual Summit held October 29-31 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Recipients of the Designation completed and passed 12 required Target University courses, and met program and industry experience expectations set out by the Association.

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