Clarion Associates, US Assure Awarded Best Practice Honors

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) awarded two of its member agencies, Clarion Associates and US Assure the Association’s Best Practice Designation at their recent 14th Annual Summit in Scottsdale, AZ.

Dave Springer, TMPAA President and President /COO of NIP Group, Inc. stated, “The TMPAA continues to serve the unique needs of program specialists.  Our Best Practice Designation and the recognition of our most accomplished member organizations is at the core of the professionalism that the Association strives to promote across all of our program administrator membership.  It is through the Best Practice Designation that we celebrate the achievements of our members who function at the highest – demonstrating expertise in all phases of program administration.  We are pleased to recognize Clarion Associates and US Assure as our newest Best Practice Designation recipients.”

"It is always rewarding to have external validation of what you work so diligently to ensure and achieve every day.  Combined with the organizational review involved in the designation process, this was a very beneficial undertaking for US Assure," said Ryan Schwartz, Chief Marketing Officer, US Assure.

“Clarion’s professional staff and their commitment to excellence is the driving force behind our earning the distinguished ‘Best Practices’ designation.  While past and present carrier partners are familiar with our high performance, now those who have not done business with us will also have this information. Validation that you are a leader in program business is priceless,” said Dan Schoenfeld, CEO of Clarion Associates, Inc.

Information about Clarion Associates can be found at and US Assure at

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L to R: From US Assure - Ryan Schwartz, Chief Marketing Officer; Andy Ferguson, President; Alan Ferguson, Chief Underwriting Officer with David Springer, TMPAA President.

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L to R: From Clarion Associates - Dan Schoenfeld, President with David Springer, TMPAA President