11 Members Awarded CPL Designations

The Target Markets Program Administrator Association (TMPAA) recognized 11 members for attaining the Certified Programs Leader (CPL) Designation during the 17th Annual Summit in Scottsdale, AZ.

Recipients of the CPL Designation completed and passed required Target University courses, and met program and industry experience expectations set out by the Association. “The mission of Target University and the CPL Designation is also the overarching goal of the Association, which is to promote best practices in program administration,” stated Tony Campisi, TMPAA President.  “The CPL Designation recognizes the specialized skill sets of program administrators. The fact that we now have almost 100 members with the designation speaks to its value.”

CPL Designation recipients included Daren D'Ippolito, Brendan T. Fitzpatrick, Calen Foster, Ron Green, Annika Marie Jurun, Mark Lonneman, Gary Miller, Jaclyn M. Pahura, Kimberly Bushong Petrillo, Jack Russell and Bob Wooldridge.

“My involvement with the University and the CPL Designation continues to be a great honor,” indicated Greg Thompson, TMPAA Past President and University Dean. “All of our CPL recipients demonstrate their mastery with the crucial aspects of successful program administration covered in the required coursework and have a solid resume of work in programs. I am proud to be associated with them all.”

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Pictured from left to right: Tony Campisi, TMPAA President; Bob Wooldridge, Kim Bushong Petrillo, Mark Lonneman, Daren D'Ippolito and Jack Russell.