Meeting Suites at the Crystal Gateway Marriott

In order to accommodate requests for private meeting suites, the Association has contracted with the Crystal Gateway Marriott to convert sleeping rooms into meeting suites.  These sleeping rooms were originally listed as junior suites, but had small meeting areas that were not separate from the sleeping space.  The converted room we have contracted will have a small meeting area with a couch and chairs and a larger area with a round conference table.

Fee for these converted meeting suites are $599 per night with a 2 night minimum. Please contact Susanne directly if you are interested in this option.

Please note: There are no sleeping accommodations in these meeting suites.  Sleeping rooms can be reserved here.

As with all TMPAA Meetings, there will be networking areas set up during the event, as well as the carrier meeting lounge on Tuesday from 10:30am-5pm.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Susanne Braconnier
Director of Convention and Accounting Services