2:00 PM

New Capital – New Opportunities, Captive and other ART options for Programs
Rick Stasi – York Risk Services (Moderator)
Chris Kramer – Caitlin Morgan Captive Services
Dawnmarie Black – BMS Re US
Brian First – Arch Insurance
Scott Reynolds Member Insurance 

Captives and other Alternative Risk options may not be well understood in the insurance industry, but current marketplace conditions present a compelling reason for program administrators to consider these options.

This workshop is designed to provide attendees an overview of captive program structures and the opportunities for program administrators in the Alternative Risk marketplace.  Attendees can expect to hear a panel of experts representing carriers, reinsurance brokers, and program administrators discuss the following areas to help rethink your current program business operation.

  • Brief overview of Agency, Association and Member-Owned captive programs
  • Why a program administrator would want to form a captive program
  • Expanding current programs through a captive
  • Development of new programs when traditional marketplace is not a good fit
  • Partnering with carriers, reinsurers and service providers to develop captive programs
  • Benefits and barriers of forming captive programs


3:30 PM

Special Operations Leadership Principles
Coleman Ruiz

Attaining functional excellence utilizing proven tactics, techniques and procedures is equally important for your business as it is in special operations military training. This presentation will be delivered by retired Navy SEAL Coleman Ruiz, who has applied these principles in his own successful business ventures and trained other companies to do the same.

Attendees can expect to hear how every great team must exhibit the following qualities:

  • Constantly seek and manifest functional excellence
  • Develop and maintain physical and mental toughness
  • Develop and advance team dynamics and core leadership
  • Understand and develop a Warrior Mindset


10:30 AM

Lloyd's Open House

Lloyd's Open House is scheduled to follow the General Session featuring Peyton Manning.

  • Representatives from 12 Lloyd’s Syndicates
  • Market finding assistance for all types of programs including small and start up programs
  • Information about the London Marketplace and becoming a coverholder

Representatives from Lloyd's America and TYSERS will be present to support your inquiries.

4:00 PM

Insurance Licensing for Program Managers
Barb Donnar, President & CEO Supportive Insurance Services

As a program administrator with a national insurance scope, your agents and agencies need to be licensed in every state where you will be writing business. The process of obtaining and maintaining insurance licensing in all 51 jurisdictions can be overwhelming and create long term headaches. This workshop will address topics such as who needs to be licensed, agency/corporate licensing, and licensing terminology.

You will also learn what to look for as you research each states’ websites regarding licensing requirements and whom you should consult regarding whether or not you need to file for Certificates of Authority with the various states.

The challenges of licensing do not stop when the licenses are issued. We will discuss ongoing licensing maintenance, when licenses renew and determining if continuing education requirements have been met. We will also discuss how to be certain you are in good standing with the various secretary of state offices.

All in all, this workshop will help you navigate the intricacies of licensing and provide you with a research plan customized for your business.


10:00 AM

Employee Fraud – Risk, Reaction and Protection
William J. Kelly, Partner  Wilson Elser

Certified Fraud Examiners report that, on average, organizations lose 5% of annual revenues due to employee fraud. While most industries are cash poor, insurance agencies tend to be cash rich relative to their size as they are holding cash float that they owe insurance companies, and thus targets for sizable embezzlements. Frauds that are uncovered rarely lead to total recompense to the organization from the unfaithful employee. Sending a perpetrator to jail does not return the money stolen.

In the current business environment, there are key indicators of employee fraud and traditional fraud prevention strategies may no longer be as effective as they once were. The workshop is designed to provide participants with a working knowledge of employee fraud so that they may employ effective risk management.

Using actual examples of employee fraud, this workshop will examine:

  • Situations that give rise to employee fraud
  • Employee fraud warning signs
  • Proper and effective reactions to suspected fraud
  • Means to minimize the risk associated with employee fraud
  • Insurance coverage to protect your operation

Taking Control of your Program

Derek Jones  Milliman
Dave Daniels  NIF
Mitchell Luedtke  Glencar

According to the TMPAA State of Program Business study, program administrators and insurers agree that underwriting profitability is what matters most when establishing a successful program. Today, more than ever before, data and technology are available to be able to accurately measure underwriting profitability. More and more, program administrators are taking responsibility for understanding and measuring the profitability of their programs by performing their own analysis of underwriting profitability. In this session, a program administrator, their outside actuary and insurance company representatives will discuss the many benefits to program administrators of performing their own analysis of program profitability and how to take action on the results.

11:00 AM

Capital Options for your Program Operation
Kevin Donoghue – Mystic Capital (Moderator)
Kelly Drouillard – Live Oak
Brian Henson – Oak Street Funding
Mark Cole – SuperG Funding

Capital sources vary at different stages of the business life cycle. Join this panel discussion to learn why financing options differ in length of loan, pricing, and structure depending on the current position of your business. Learn the important factors to understand at your operations Early, Growth, Maturity, and Renewal stages. Capital availability and characteristics for each of these life cycle stages will be discussed. Finally, you will hear from three lenders with unique approaches to insurance agency financing.

The Cost of Miscalculation – Pricing, Data, and More
Peter de Freitas – Verisk Insurance Solutions

Maximizing the profitability of your book of business is a challenging task in today’s economic environment. Whether avoiding premium leakage, minimizing the effect of inadequately priced exposures, or verifying the quality of information from agents, you have a lot to track day to day. The cost of miscalculation can have severe impact on those results.

In this workshop we will address key property and casualty industry results and relate them to the key challenges faced by carriers. Together we will explore the issue of increasing profitability despite low investment yields and modest price increases, how we can gain insight from data and how to identify new venues for growth. We will look at broad areas where data classification and underwriting quality can have a significant impact including exposure assessment, rate adequacy, reinsurance, operations, claims administration and regulatory compliance.