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TMPAA sponsorship and promotional opportunities will identify yourself as a leader in the program arena.  We can tailor your sponsorship to match any budget and marketing strategy with our onsite, online, and print options.  Certain sponsorships include recognition in print and on the TMPAA website, extending your investment both before the meeting and long afterwards.  Act quickly as the sponsorships are exclusive and sell out quickly.  You can customize your own opportunity and tell us how we can make your sponsorship experience with the TMPAA a success.

  • Create, develop, and enhance credibility – Sponsorship builds trust and establishes rapport with your partners and prospective partners.  Sponsorship allows you to differentiate your business with a captive audience.

  • Highly targeted marketing investment – Attendees at the TMPAA Summit all have one thing in common, they are all dedicated to program business.

  • Leveraged lead generation – Leverage your enhanced positioning at TMPAA events with current partners and earn recommendations and introductions to their connections as well.

  • Extended exposure – Promotion before, during and after the event to the largest database of program business professionals in the insurance industry

  • Brand awareness – Logo placement increases brand awareness.  Being recognized as a Summit sponsor communicates value and support among all TMPAA members and meeting attendees.


 GOLD - Sponsorship selections totaling $10,000+

Gold Sponsorship includes:
  TMPAA Website home page Key Sponsor List; Main meeting page Key Sponsor list with website link; Company Logo and website link on Meeting Sponsor page; Meeting e-ads with website link; TMPAA Newsletter Key Sponsor list with website link; Attendees list emails Key Sponsor list; Company logo in two “Thank You” ads (Program Book and Rough Notes Magazine); Feature in General Session slide shows (2) and signage in conference area at meeting; Mobile meeting app sponsor feature company logo and website link.

Metrics for Gold Sponsors

Assumptions:  For the past two years, TMPAA has averaged 700 registered attendees per national meeting.  Both meetings are 6-month evolutions providing visibility 4 months prior and 2 months after for Gold sponsors.  Annual TMPAA website traffic exceeds 50,000 visits.  Based on average monthly visits, each national meeting is supported by 50% of annual site traffic.

Garner OVER 140,000 IMPRESSIONS for your organization!

 SILVER - Sponsorship selections totaling $5,000-$9,999


Silver Sponsorship includes:  Company website link on Meeting Sponsor page; Company name in two “Thank You” ads (Program Book and Rough Notes Magazine); Feature in General Session slide shows (2) and signage in conference area at meeting; Mobile meeting app sponsor feature company website link.  


 BRONZE - Sponsorship selections totaling $2,500-$4,999


Bronze sponsorship includes:  Company name on Meeting Sponsor Page; Company name in two “Thank You” ads (Program Book and Rough Notes Magazine); Feature in General Session slide shows (2) and signage in conference area at meeting; Mobile meeting app sponsor feature listing.  



The total dollar amount of the specific item(s) that you choose to sponsor designates the “level” of sponsorship.

Meeting Publication Advertising

The program book and attendee list is combined into ONE PUBLICATION distributed to all attendees (800+ program professionals).  Following the meeting, the book will be posted on the TMPAA website (minus attendee contacts).

Outside back cover 4 Color Ad $7,000
Inside back cover 4 Color Ad $5,000
Inside front cover 4 Color Ad $5,000
Full page 4 Color Ad - interior $2,000
Interior "Program Book Sponsors" Logo Page - Color Logo $950



Electronic Marketing Sponsor–Company name included in all electronic marketing (automatic Gold sponsorship)
Branded Electronic Attendee List—minimum of 5 distributions $5,000
Networking Lounge—Full Meeting $5,000
Trade Show Sponsor–branding on event-related signage, inclusion on the agenda and in program book
Mobile Meeting App $6,500
A/V Logo Sponsor–Company logo displayed on General Session slides Tues. & Wed 
Program Power Station $5,000
Professional Headshot Sponsor $3,000
White Paper–Placed on TMPAA website and in meeting mobile app for attendees
 WiFi Sponsor $3,000


Hotel Room & Meeting Binder

Meeting Portfolio Sponsor (limited to 4 logos) $5,000
Meeting Pen Sponsor (logo on metal pens)   $5,000
Hotel Room Door Hangers–Monday $5,000
Hotel Room Door Hangers–Tuesday   $5,000
In Room Delivery–Inclusion of promo item or pamphlet in a bag to be delivered to attendees in hotel, minimum of 3 sponsors $1,500


Business Meetings & Workshops

All sponsored meetings and workshops include branding on event-related signage, mention in Program Book and online agenda.

Workshop–Monday (if available) $3,000
Carrier Networking Lounge–Tuesday $3,000
Workshop–Tuesday (if available) $3,000
Industry Speaker–Wednesday  $5,000
Workshops–Wednesday (if available) $3,000


Networking Events

All sponsored networking events include branding on event-related signage, mention in Program Book and online agenda.

Continental Breakfast—Monday $3,000
Networking Lunch—Monday   $3,000
Afternoon Break Station—Monday  $2,500
Evening Welcome Reception—Monday  $12,000
Networking Breakfast—Tuesday  $3,000
Morning Break Station—Tuesday  $2,500
Networking Lunch—Tuesday 
Afternoon Break Station —Tuesday  $2,500
Evening Networking Reception—Tuesday   $12,000
Networking Breakfast—Wednesday  $3,000
Box Lunch—Wednesday $3,000


TMPAA Charities Golf Sponsorships

Individual Hole Sponsor $500
Hole Events—2 Closest to Pin, 2 Longest Drive $750
Hole-In-One Event $1,500

Additional sponsorship opportunities may become available prior to the meeting. Please call (302) 268-1010 to discuss. Thank you.


Member registrations cancelled 14 days or earlier from the event start date are eligible for a full refund or credit to a future meeting.

Member registrations cancelled between 7 and 14 days from the event start date are eligible for a full credit to a future TMPAA meeting.

Registrations cancelled less than 7 days from the event are not automatically eligible for refund or credit.  Please contact the TMPAA to discuss your specific situation.

*Applies to meeting registration fee only.


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Program business professionals are meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, October 22-24. Position yourself to grow and improve your business by attending the 18th Annual Summit, providing access to 60+ program carriers, elite service providers, the London Markets, reinsurance support, program development and distribution resources and a myriad of networking opportunities.

June 4, 2018 - Specialty Program Group LLC has acquired the assets of Novato, Calif.-based Professional Program Insurance Brokerage.

June 4, 2018 - Bermuda-based specialty insurer Sompo International Holdings has completed the acquisition of the operating subsidiaries of Lexon Surety Group. The deal was first announced in January.

Bay Shore, N.Y.—May 31, 2018—Today, SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance Agency, announces a partnership with the New York State Association of Salon & Spa Professionals (NYSASSP). Through this exclusive partnership, SASSI offers special access to insurance coverage for salons, spas, barbershops, beauty schools, electrologists and independent contractors.

May 31, 2018 - Worldwide Facilities has announced that it has acquired the assets of wholesale insurance broker and managing general agent RIC Insurance General Agency.

Naperville, IL – May 31, 2018 – Instec, the market leader in insurance software for commercial program and specialty writers, announced today that its much-anticipated Instec Underwriting system is now available to property and casualty insurers and MGAs.

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association is dedicated to serving the interests of the Program Specialist. A core element of the Association’s mission is to promote excellence for this most elite segment of insurance intermediaries, Managing General Agencies/Program Administrators.

Target Markets has developed a protocol and criteria to evaluate the program business operations of Association members. Participation in a best practice evaluation will encourage applicants to review their current level of functioning, look for greater efficiencies the way they currently do business, and ultimately be recognized by program business professionals as a best in class operation. The TMPAA Best Practice Designation will benefit members through critical reviews and improvements in agency function, enhanced market image, product promotion, and recognition from their peers.

All program administrator members of the TMPAA are eligible to apply for the Best Practice Designation.


  1. Application/Survey
  2. Confidentiality/Evaluation Waiver
  3. On Site Evaluation/Consultation
  4. Evaluation/Consultation Recommendation
  5. Best Practice Committee Review
  6. TMPAA Designation

It is important to recognize that only the Program Business function of agencies applying for this designation will be evaluated for this designation. Members who apply for the Best Practice Designation are expected to conduct a self-evaluation using the entire evaluation package, which includes the review criteria and scoring matrix.

The Evaluation Process begins with the completion of the Best Practice application which provides for greater efficiency during the on-site evaluation process. All on site visits are conducted by qualified independent evaluators, contracted by the TMPAA to accomplish this task. Members who choose to pursue the Best Practice Designation will need to review and sign the Confidentiality/Evaluation Waiver, which protects the member applicant, the evaluator, and the Association itself. All evaluations will be conducted in the strictest confidence. No evaluation information or results will be released without the consent of the member applicant. Recommendations will not be released to the Best Practice Committee unless the Best Practice Designation is being recommended, and member applicant approves. The Best Practice Committee is made up of retired Program Administrators and the TMPAA Executive Director.

The Onsite Evaluation/Consultation will be scheduled with the applicant, and is expected to require no more than 7.5 hours. An Evaluation Checklist will be provided to each applicant after submission of the Best Practice Survey detailing the information and documents that will need to be available at the time of the On-Site visit.


Following the completion of the On-Site evaluation, the evaluator will complete a report regarding the findings of the review process. If a Best Practice Designation is not being recommended, the evaluator will provide specific reasons for the decisions, as well as solutions to remedy the functions or process that does not currently meet the standard. If the evaluator recommends the TMPAA Designation for the member applicant, the Evaluation Summary will be provided to the Best Practice Committee for approval. Once approval is granted, the member agency will be provided with the TMPAA Best Practice logo for inclusion on their agency website. Plans for press releases, inclusion on the TMPAA Website, and notification in the TMPAA newsletter will be discussed with the agency.


To maintain the integrity of the TMPAA Best Practice Designation, a recertification is required every 3 years. The objective is to learn about significant changes in an agency since the original visit and evaluation.

The recertification process will be accomplished by conference call with the evaluator arranged at the convenience of the agency principal and staff that need to provide updated information. The anticipated length of this call will be between 60 and 90 minutes, and can be broken up into sections if key personnel are not available at the same time. A letter describing the required review material will be sent at the time of the of recertification.

The Best Practice Evaluator (a private independent contractor funded by the Association) has the authority to recommend that a full onsite recertification process be conducted, if they believe there have been significant changes in the agency requiring a more thorough review.

Some of these potential changes are listed below, although no one issue would automatically trigger the onsite review recommendation:

  • Major change in ownership
  • Substantial change in senior management staff (example: CEO, CUO, CFO)
  • Any senior management staff convicted of felony charges
  • Bankruptcy filed
  • Loss of license(s) to conduct business
  • Substantial change in industry segments served (example: construction vs. transportation)
  • Substantial change in lines of business written
  • Change in carrier(s) for more than 50% of business written
  • Any program(s) cancelled or non-renewed by carrier(s) in the past 3 years based on poor performance of the PA
  • Overall 3 years loss ratio exceeds 70%
  • More than one E&O claim filed
  • Decrease in more than 50% of business written in the past 3 years


Association members who are interested in the designation process should review all Best Practice material, then complete and submit the Application Survey to the TMPAA Executive Director. An organizational call will follow to begin the review process.


The TMPAA Best Practice Designation fee will be assessed to cover the costs of the evaluation process and the follow up marketing of the results. Members will be invoiced $2,500 at the time the application/survey is received.

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Baltimore, MD (May 23, 2018) - MDP Programs and National Trust Insurance Services, LLC, divisions of Maury, Donnelly & Parr, Inc., have formed a new strategic relationship with Great American Insurance Group's Property & Inland Marine Division.