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Prior to joining Target Markets, Susanne worked as an underwriting assistant for the EPLI department of Rockwood Programs. Previous industry experience includes State Farm Insurance Fire and Auto Claims, Marine Midland Bank Commercial Finance Division and AIG's Payroll Marketing Department. Susanne has been the Association Services Coordinator for the TMPAA since January of 2002.

Ray Scotto has been involved with Target Markets since attending the first Summit in October 2001. He was hired as the Executive Director of the Association in January 2002. Ray was instrumental in the development and implementation of several Association initiatives including the commercial website, Target Programs, the Program Administrator Best Practice Designation, Target University, and TMPAA Charities.

Ray's management experience was gained in the public sector, serving as the administrator of a child abuse investigation unit in SE Pennsylvania for 22 years. He has also worked as an adjunct professor at West Chester University, PA. Ray holds a Masters Degree in Social Work.

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One core element of the TMPAA mission is to promote excellence for this most elite segment of insurance intermediaries, Program Administrators/MGA's. Target Markets has developed a protocol and criteria to evaluate the program business operations of Association members who are interested in pursuing this designation. Participation in a best practice evaluation will encourage applicants to review their current level of functioning, look for greater efficiencies in the way they currently do business, and ultimately be recognized by program business professionals as a best in class operation.

The mission of Target University is to further promote Best Practices in program administration, enhance the status of Program Business in the insurance industry and recognize the specialized skill set of Program Specialists. Successful completion of the 12 courses of the Target University curriculum will result in the award of the TMPAA Certified Program Leader (CPL).

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As the country's premier Association of Program Business Professionals, the TMPAA has established a few simple principles
to guide our everyday practice. All members of Target Markets are expected to abide by these standards.

ONE Always conduct business with professional integrity. Be honest with insureds and agents about your products and capabilities.
Advertise and market honestly. Compete vigorously, but by the rules.

TWO Pro-actively comply with State Insurance Regulations. Observe the spirit and letter of regulatory expectations and law.
Seek competent legal guidance when necessary and avoid legal interpretations of policy documents.
Seek policy interpretations from your company whenever possible.

THREE Exercise financial prudence and maintain a positive quick (aka-current) ratio.

FOUR Treat sub-producers with respect and deliver "sense of urgency" service. Deal with any complaints directly and honestly.
Use these opportunities to improve your service.

FIVE Never compromise underwriting standards. Creating a profitable book of business occurs one risk at a time.
Long-term profitability outweighs shortterm financial gains.

SIX Always provide carriers with accurate and complete information.
Treat your insurers like the true business partners they are and work with them to develop a successful program together.

SEVEN Invest in continuous training and development of staff.
Meet your obligations to your customers and business partners by staying abreast of changes in your operating environment
and your customers' and carrier's needs.

EIGHT Participate in the policing of our own profession and peers in the Association as it relates to compliance with our
Ethical Business Practice Standards.

NINE Act collaboratively with other members of the Target Markets Program Administration for the greater good of the
Association and the profession.

TEN Commit to a policy of "Fairness" even if the market and competitors allow otherwise.

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association is an organization dedicated to the unique challenges of Program Specialists. The TMPAA defines Program Business as insurance products targeted to a particular niche market or class, generally representing a book of similar risks placed with one carrier. Administration is done through Program Specialists who have developed an expertise in that market or class. Administrative responsibilities are negotiated between the Specialist and Carrier, but would include underwriting selection, binding, issuing, billing, and often times marketing, premium collections, data gathering, claims management/loss control and possibly risk sharing. Program Specialists typically target their niches through differentiation either in product, risk management services, delivery mechanism or price. Specialists can distribute these programs on a retail or wholesale basis.

History & Growth

Since our successful launch of the Target Markets concept at the First Annual Summit in Tempe, (October 16-18, 2001), we created a business plan to align only with specialists in programs. We want to advance the interests of our Carrier and Vendor partners within the Association. Our goal is to provide more efficient access to decision-makers in programs in exchange for value to the group.

Beginning in 2004, the Association doubled its commitment to provide the contacts, education and resources necessary for its members to achieve greater profitability and excellence in program business, by adding an East Coast Mid Year Meeting to the annual Summit in Arizona.

In 2010, the Association announced the creation of a strategic partnership with the Breckenridge Insurance Group whose mission is to create value-added products and deliver unparalleled servicing in the specialty insurance arena through trusted partner relationships. The partnership is designed to bring unique services and opportunities that foster growth and efficiencies in our member's program business operations.

Target Markets now has 61 Carrier Partners committed to Program Business, and provides unprecedented access to decision makers from these companies at both national meetings, allowing both the administrator and company to forge successful partnerships for new program business opportunities. The Association has grown to 465 members, 300 of which are agencies who specialize in programs.


One core element of the TMPAA mission is to promote excellence for this most elite segment of insurance intermediaries, program administrators/MGA's. Target Markets has developed a protocol and criteria to evaluate the program business operations of Association members. Participation in a Best Practice evaluation encourages applicants to review their current level of functioning, look for greater efficiencies in the way they currently do business, and ultimately be recognized by program business professionals as a best in class operation. The TMPAA Best Practice Designation will not only benefit members through critical reviews and improvements in agency function, but through enhanced market image, product promotion and recognition from their peers.

Target University, is now open for program business education, and will assist program specialists to manage their operations, raise the industry standards for program business, and provide the CPL Designation (Certified Programs Leader) to members who complete the University coursework and meet the CPL criteria.

The Association's commercial website, Target Programs, continues to drive business to agency members who participate and have their programs listed on the site. Target Programs, through its regular communication to a large database of independent retail P&C agents, attracts the attention of the retail agent community as they search to find coverage for their insured's. Individual electronic marketing is now offered at prices well below current market value in addition to the program marketing provided as part of participation. In addition to the product distribution offered through this website, the Target Programs Marketing Service (TPMS) was recently developed to provide additional assistance to members seeking to upgrade their program marketing initiatives and resources.

Thanks to the generosity of our members TMPAA Charities has provided, to date, over $50,000 dollars in grants to community organizations that focus on education and business development, supports hundreds of entrepreneurs in developing countries with micro loans, as well as our active duty military with our "Packages from Home" initiative conducted at every Association event.

With the assistance of the working committees, Board Members and individual contributions of Association members, Target Markets will continue to develop new and innovative solutions to the challenges of program administration, and provide tangible assistance for those who make their living in Program Business.


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