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Monday, 24 September 2018 09:24

The Evolution of Program Distribution

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View the future of your program distribution at the 18th Annual Summit through the lens of this research and shared experience from other program business professionals.

Friday, 03 August 2018 09:41

The Performance Experience

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TMPAA Members,

This is a one-of-a-kind event. Very important for me to note that this is NOT a boot camp. I’m bringing 7 PhD level specialists to teach each segment, with practical applications and tons of resources. This is a training and education event. Coincidentally, it’s also shaping up to be a killer network of attendees.

After working, operating, and practicing in this space for over 20 years I finally couldn’t take it anymore. No matter where I am or what I’m doing in business, life, etc. almost every conversation I have (if people are mildly interested in their overall performance) comes down to “how can I feel better, have more energy, balance my lifestyle so that I can perform my best in work and life in general.”

Companies and people spend an ungodly amount of money and time training and focusing on the tactics of their businesses. And they should! We need to. And we neglect or ignore - to an insane degree - the very “engine” of all performance: Us. The body and mind that drives all performance in the first place.

We all do it. I’m no exception. But we can do WAY better with some basic education and training on how our systems (physiology, cognition, rest, recovery) perform in general. And in what categories we can get outsized leverage.

The Performance Experience (TPE) is designed specifically for people like us, corporate and lifestyle athletes, in a certain stage of their career, and along a certain point in the arc of their lives. We’re not competing everyday in high school or college athletics. We’re not setting any land-speed records. We’re simply focused on our general health and wellness, and our performance in work and daily life. TPE on Sept 20/21 here in Annapolis will change the way you prepare and maintain your energy and physical wellness each day. It will change what you do with :20 minutes in the morning while in your hotel room while on travel.

In general, Day 1 will focus on Lifestyle Performance, Physical Performance, and Rest/Recovery/Injury prevention. Day 2 will cover Nutrition, Cognitive Performance, Stress Mitigation, and Sleep.

I’m psyched to have you join!

I’ve extended a 20% discount to all TMPAA members. Use discount code “TMPAA”.

The content and your access to resources during and after the event is incredible.

Get signed up here: Again, use code “TMPAA” to claim your discount. Your fee covers everything! All you have to do is get yourself here!

Reach out to me directly with questions, and I look forward to having you!

(m) (443) 462-8350

Friday, 02 February 2018 16:27

State of Program Business Panel

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Listen to a panel of Program Business experts explore three aspects of the recently concluded Target Markets State of Program Business Study on A.M. Best TV.

Since the initial study seven years ago, program business insurance revenues more than doubled. The first study reported $17.5 billion in commercial insurance premium revenue in 2010. Today, it is $36.1 billion.

Monday, 25 September 2017 10:01

Lloyd's Open House

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Stop in and meet with representatives from 13 Lloyd’s Syndicates during the Lloyd's Open House at the TMPAA Summit. 

Monday, 14 August 2017 10:00

The InsurTech Dilemma

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With the changing landscape of the insurance industry fueled by new technology, additional capital and the reimaged approaches to the customer, what are the near-term and long-term impacts to Program Administrators? Listen to the InsurTech Panel presentation today.

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