CL | Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance (CLI)
is a critically important coverage for today’s business environment. Most standard insurance package policies will protect your agency against loss to tangible property but not loss of data.

Data management is an essential part of business today which includes customer credit cards, employee health information, websites and marketing lists to name a few. Data has value and the management of this data creates duties and significant liabilities which may be protected by CLI.

TMPAA has brought together two trusted members of the Association to offer an innovative new CLI product: Edgewater CIS – Cyber Insurance Solutions

Agency member, Edgewater Holdings has developed a superior coverage product.  Law firm member, Wilson Elser has an extensive Data Security and Cyber Liability practice and will serve as risk management consultants and claims managers for the EdgewaterCIS product.

Click here to connect to EdgewaterCIS.

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