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Tom Rahl
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
517.347.4900 x113
Rob Zuzula
Director, Product Services & Marketing
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NetRate Systems is a software solutions provider that offers commercial lines rating, policy issuance, and data reporting and analytics solutions to program administrators and the carriers that support them. Over 65 clients trust us to deliver mission critical solutions every day. Our NetRATE Commercial Lines Rating and NetPPS Policy Issuance solutions allow our customers to rapidly deploy a complete rate, quote, and issue system.  Our insurance savvy, US based development and support team maintains all the major ISO Commercial Lines and NCCI Workers Compensation rules and rates so that with a small configuration effort your custom program can be on the market in a snap.  Included with our cost-effective solutions are maintenance of rates, rules and forms, and hosted web services.


Program administrators and carriers, find that our unique turn-key solutions provide rapid deployment of existing and new programs without the need of additional IT staff or equipment. The NetRate team configures, deploys, and maintains the rating and policy issuance solutions while your teams are driving them. The solutions are capable of handling multiple carriers and/or programs in one easy to use solution. Our data reporting and analytics solutions reduces the work of reporting to managers, carriers, ISO, and state DMVs.  NetRate is built with integration in mind.  Whether you already use one of our integration partners solutions or another, we are ready to make that connection.  For carriers our hosted NetSynergy rating web services makes connecting your programs to comparative raters easy.