TMPAA Women's Networking Group

womens networking

The TMPAA Women’s Networking Group is being developed to provide an additional business incubation and professional development forum for women members of the TMPAA.  The group will also be designed to promote leadership of women in the program industry segment and encourage women currently in these leadership positions to join and participate in the TMPAA.

We want your ideas about how to use this opportunity and have created a forum on our Linked In site to generate discussion.

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Once you are signed up for Linked In, you can request to join the Target Markets Program Administrators Association group.  From there, you can take part in the new TM Women’s Networking Group.

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WNG (Women’s Networking Group) Steering Committee:

Heidi Strommen, Chairperson – President, ProHost USA
Lisa Doherty – President and CEO, Business Risk Partners
Helen English – COO, Distinguished Programs
Karen Trudel – COO, GMI Insurance
Tracey Carragher – CEO, Breckenridge Insurance Group