Target Markets Develops Scholarship Program with St. Joseph’s Academy of Risk Management & Insurance

Wilmington, DE -- Beginning this fall, the Target Markets Program Administrators Association’s charitable arm, TMPAA Charities, will support two students at St. Joseph’s University (SJU) with an annual scholarship known as the TMPAA Academy of Risk Management Scholars Program. Eligible recipients are Risk Management & Insurance or Actuarial Science majors with preference given to students who are U.S. Military Veterans or female applicants.

“We are excited about supporting St. Joseph’s School of Risk Management & Insurance,” said Heidi Strommen, president of Target Markets. “The St. Joseph’s Academy is a growing institution with high standards for producing knowledgeable and employment-ready students. Developing next generation leaders in the insurance industry is critical. We are pleased to support this effort by collaborating with SJU.”

Michael Angelina, Executive Director of the Academy of Risk Management & Insurance Erivan K. Haub School of Business stated, “Partnering with top industry groups exposes our students to the enormous scope of the insurance business and often results in employment opportunities. We believe that the partnership with Target Markets will accomplish both of these goals.”

TMPAA Charities is supported solely by members of the Association through individual donation or participation/sponsorship in the group’s annual golf tournament. TMPAA Charities also continues to support the “Packages from Home” initiative for active U.S. Military personnel and Kiva, providing micro loans in developing countries and the U.S.

 Contact the TMPAA to learn more about this program.