New Member FAQs

Welcome to the TMPAA!  We are pleased you have chosen to join the group and look forward to working with you for the benefit of your program business.   If you have additional questions, kindly contact Monica Elischer, Director of Membership Development, at

National Meetings

How does the Association assist in pinpointing carriers that entertain the risks that PA’s market?
The TMPAA provides carrier information centers that detail the program parameters of the carriers and the risks that they will/will not entertain.  The Carrier member list and complete information in available as a logged in member. Click here to learn more about the TMPAA Carrier members.

How does the Association assist in setting up meetings at the event?
The TMPAA provides a few resources for setting up meetings.  Attendees lists, containing full contact information, are emailed to all registrants before the event and updated every two weeks for personal contact.  We also provide an online portal that will automatically submit meeting requests to the carrriers.  Click here to submit a Carrier meeting request.

What type of attire is appropriate at the Annual Meetings?
Attire at the meetings is business casual.

Is there a listing of future events?
Yes. Please click here for the Association’s calendar.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?
We encourage sponsorship as an effective method of promoting your unique specialty program expertise and track record.  Options include networking events, ads in our meeting publication and much more.  For more information, contact Monica Elischer, or Ray Scotto,

Member Resources

Where can I find information on other members of the group?
Information on all members of the group can be accessed through the Member Lists tab in the main menu of the site. 

How do I access the member’s site?
You can access members-only information by logging in at the top right hand section of the site, available at any time as you navigate throughout.

Target Programs/Target Programs Marketing Services (TPMS)

What does enrollment in Target Programs provide?
The TMPAA will build an Outlet Center for your product line on where retail agents can search for specific programs of our members.  In addition, we will email your product announcements to our databases of retail agents nationwide.  Click here for more information.

How much is the annual fee for enrolling in Target Programs?
The annual fee for Target Programs is $2,500.

Can the TMPAA distribute additional e-ads?
Yes, additional e-ads, which are fully customizable, can be purchased on a solo or package basis.  For additional information, contact Sarah Ayars, Director of Marketing Communications, at

What is TPMS?
Target Programs Marketing Services (TPMS) is a cost effective resource for members that provides marketing assessments, strategic marketing plans, online marketing/social media services, public relations/trade advertising, brand development/refreshment, website development/upgrades and video/streaming services.  Click here for more information or contact Reg Pierce, TPMS Director, at

Certifications and Designations

What is the Best Practices designation?
The Best Practice designation promotes excellence in program administration.  It benefits members through critical reviews and improvements in agency function, enhanced market image, product promotion and recognition from your peers.  Click here for additional information, or contact Ray Scotto, TMPAA Executive Director, at

How do I attain the Certified Programs Leader (CPL) designation?
The CPL designation is attained by completing the required 12 courses of Target University and having the required experience in programs.  Target University’s coursework is geared for owners/CEOs or individuals that the owners/CEOs have chosen to potentially assume a major leadership role in the future.  Click here for additional information or contact Monica Elischer at